Matisse 麥緹斯優質天然貓糧

麥緹斯(馬蒂斯) 系列是一系列適合任何種類和品種的貓的優質食品,其特點是:

  • 為了滿足最苛刻的口味的想法,高度的需要
  • 雞,魚(鮭魚和金槍魚)和雞蛋作為主要的蛋白質來源
  • 魚油以保證歐米茄3脂肪比例的最佳供應
  • 大米和玉米的碳水化合物具有高消化率
  • 合適份量的膳食纖維,以刺激腸道蠕動
  • 牛磺酸的整合
  • 維生素,礦物鹽和微量元素的正確和平衡含量
  • 絶無基因改造成分
  • 控制尿液Ph值

Matisse line is a complete range of high-quality food suitable for any kind and breed of cats and which is characterized by:

  • High desirability in order to satisfy the fancies of the most demanding tastes
  • Chicken, turkey, fish (salmon and tuna) and eggs as main proteinaceous sources
  • Fish oil in order to guarantee the optimal supply of omega 3 & 6 fat ratio
  • Rice and corn for carbohydrates with high digestibility
  • A correct quantity of dietary fibres in order to stimulate intestinal motility
  • Integration of Taurine
  • A correct and balanced content of vitamins, mineral salts and microelements
  • The lack of genetically modified components
  • Control of urinary Ph